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Violet Blue’s Call For Submissions


Best of Womens EroticaWriter and notorious blogger Violet Blue has recently posted on her blog that she will once again be editing for the award winning women’s erotica collection, “Best Women’s Erotica”.

“Best Women’s Erotica is a legendary and groundbreaking yearly series, and is the best-selling women’s erotica collection, period. Every year BWE raises the bar for explicit erotica written by and for women, penned by the most exciting female authors, from around the world… we are looking for fictional stories that seek to push the boundaries of female sexuality, present realistic fantasies and situations, and break taboos. The sex acts depicted must be explicit and realistic in detail. A strong focus on character, predicament, and compelling situations is desired smart, literate erotic fiction. The desired orientation within the main sexual element of the stories is primarily heterosexual, yet bisexuality and lesbian encounters are also encouraged. The primary focus of sexual activity must be on the female experience; female pleasure is the main element. A playful, clever approach is welcome, as are intense scenarios.”

She is calling out for submissions, for all of the female writers out there, send away all your sexy stories!

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Submit: BWE Details

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